Bundle of Joy • Complete Premium Program

Pregnancy • Labor & Birth • Breastfeeding • Postpartum - Individual classes available too.

    1. Course Mechanics

    2. 💟Introductions: Creating Your Best Journey(5:35)

    3. 💟Download: Your Success Map Week-by-Week: What to Watch and When

    4. 💟Download: Natural Childbirth 101 Companion E-book

    5. 💟 BONUS Download: Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding and Postpartum Affirmations Audio

    6. 💟BONUS Download: Connecting with Your Baby Audio Meditation ( 8:26)

    7. 😃Insurance Reimbursement Instructions Form: Download Optional

    8. Saying Yes... Beginning Your Journey

    1. Ch 1. What Path Will You Choose for You and Your Baby? ( 25:29 mins)

    2. Ch 2. Care Providers and Places of Birth (14:08 mins)

    3. Ch 3. Prenatal Care, Tests and Ultrasounds (11:00 mins)

    4. Ch 4. Connect with Your Baby (Affirmations) 10:23 mins

    1. Ch 5. Nutrition and Supplements ( 15:17 mins)

    2. Ch 6. Creating Comfort in Pregnancy (23:46 mins.)

    3. Ch 7. Body Basics ( 25:23 mins.)

    4. 👉Purpose Within Pregnancy: Fun Reflection Worksheet

    5. 👍Partner's Journey ( 1:25:28 time)

    1. Ch 1. Visualization: Your Journey Through Birth ( 10:00 mins.)

    2. Ch.2 Your Body’s Wisdom ( 12:00 mins.)

    3. Ch 3. Labor Progression ( 15:23 mins.)

    4. Ch 4. The Purposeful P’s of Birth ( 19:00 mins.)

    5. Ch 5. Supplements for Birth ( 5:21 mins.)

    1. Ch 6. Emotional Connection with Birth (25:40 mins.)

    2. Ch 7. Newborn Procedures ( 16:00 min. )

    3. Ch 8. Creating Your Birth ( 7:00 mins. )

    4. 👉Trust Within Birth-Fun Reflection Worksheet

    5. Intact verses Circumcision ( 33:00 mins.)

    1. Medical Interventions ( 28:00 mins. )

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  • $197.00
  • 8.5 hours of video content
  • Pregnancy, labor & Birth, breastfeeding, postpartum
  • Bonus: The Partners Journey
  • Bonus: Affirmations: written and audio downloadable

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“Natural childbirth 101 was a huge part of my healthy pregnancy and successful delivery. I was feeling overwhelmed with what supplements to take and how to support my body in early pregnancy while I was so sick until I joined Natural Childbirth 101 and learned what supplements were essential and what I could do physically and mentally support my changing body and growing baby. I learned specific foods to eat, great exercises and I still use them today to help loosen my body.. All the natural support both physically and mentally helped me prepare my body and mind for a powerful and quick water birth. You never truly know what to expect as a first time mom but Natural Childbirth 101 prepared me as much as possible. I truly believe I had such a wonderful experience because I invested my time and learned so much from the course. ”

“ "...with baby number 4, I truly feel if I didn’t have your Natural Childbirth 101 classes and took it all during my 4th pregnancy, I wouldn’t have had the birth I wanted. I had a wonderful midwife ... she figured I knew what I was doing with baby number 4. I personally think that’s a myth. Each pregnancy is different and we are going through different things in our life during each one and I believe the constant mental and physical preparation is so so important no matter if it’s your 1st or 10th child because it’s your first journey with that little soul inside you that your nourishing with your body. “ ”

“I have really enjoyed all the information, stories, and empowerment that is provided by Kaleem in this course! She presents everything in an easy to understand the way that shows how much she cares about you and your baby. She continuously reminds you that this is your journey, your postpartum, and your baby and you are free to choose how this journey will play out. She also gives so many tips on nutrition, supplements, and overall well-being to help you through postpartum. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to have a peaceful natural birth and breastfeeding experience! Thank you, Kaleem for your encouragement, compassion, and knowledge!”

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