Trust within Birth

Full 90 Day access- Learn, Design, Plan, and Achieve a 97% success at eliminating fears and complications while building a Confident, Clear Mindset for the Birth You Desire

    1. Introduction: Creating Your Best Experience (5:35)

    2. Class Mechanics

    3. BONUS Download : Natural Childbirth 101 TRUST WITHIN BIRTH E-Booklet (Please Download)

    4. Bonus Download: Affirmations for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (Please Download)

    5. Copy of BONUS Download: Connecting with Your Baby Audio Meditation ( 8:26)

    1. Body Basics ( Bonus Video) ( 25:23)

    2. Visualization: Your Journey Through Birth (9:54)

    3. Your Body’s Wisdom (12:02)

    4. Trust Within Birth Quiz #1

    5. Labor Progression (15:23)

    6. The Purposeful P’s of Birth (18:57)

    7. Trust Within Birth Quiz #2

    8. Supplements for Birth (5:22)

    9. Emotional Connection with Birth (25:40)

    10. Newborn's: tests, exams and decisions (15:55)

    11. Intact vs. Circumcision: Listen, Learn and Discuss ( 33:31)

    12. Trust Within Birth Quiz #3

    13. Creating Your Birth: let's bring it all together (6:51)

    14. Trust within Birth Fun Reflection Pages

    1. VBAC: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (16:47)

    2. VBAC Quiz #1

    3. VBAC Fun Reflection Page

    1. Medical Interventions (27:40)

    2. Medical Interventions Fun Reflection Page

    1. Partner's Journey (1:25:28)

    1. Share your experience and evaluation

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An Empowering Journey

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Trust Within Birth!

Achieving Your Best Experience


“This course shares so much knowledge on physiologically normal and empowering birth. Birth is not something we should fear or view as a disease. It can and should be a beautiful experience for the birth giver and the baby. This course explains why and how.” - Annie Simms

Trust within Birth

Take a positive step in creating your empowered journey toward the birth you desire.

  • Learn to trust how birth works physically and emotionally .

  • Maximize oxytocin in labor and minimize adrenaline to create a natural birth. Gain a sense of trust, love and safety.

  • Minimizing complications such as: interventions, tearing, inductions, and surgery.

  • Understanding your options with newborn medical procedures

  • What to expect and choices to make for your baby in the first hours and days after birth.

  • Bonus Material: Partners Journey: Embracing their special role, avoiding rescue syndrome, supporting you through labor/birth and beyond, and welcoming their new baby

  • Bonus Material: VBAC, Medical Interventions, Intact vs Circumcision